Flourish Hair Serum


Flourish hair growth serum is an unique blend of amino acids of wheat and soya along with redensyl. Amino acids of wheat and soya are rich in vitamins E, A, B and has anti-microbial components to aid hair growth and prevent hair loss. Redensyl activates dormant hair follicles and helps in regrowth of hairs. Flourish hair growth serum is a must in your hair care regime to boost hair growth and reduce hair fall to give your hair a crowning glory. Combine with Treasure Hair Growth Oil for thick shiny healthy hair.



  • Keraveg 18 – Blend of 18 amino acids that protects hair from harsh salon processes, improves combability and reduces damage from excess force used against hair.
  • Epidermosil – Helps stimulating keratinocyte proliferation within the epidermis.
  • D panthenol – Moisturises and protects hair strands
  • Sodium hyaluronate – Increases moisturisation of scalp and proliferates new hair formation


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